Question on Using Complexes?

I have started to use complexes for my fat loss routine. I really like them and feel that they are a great anearobic cardio workout. However I was wondering if I could do a split routine 4 days a week and perform the complexes on 2 or 3 of the off days. Would this be too much? Any help appreciated.

Try it and find out. I was doing complexes 4 days a week for my latest fat loss routine and it worked great. If you don’t have the work capacity for it right away, work up to it - you will eventually.

do a search, look for CT (Thibaudeau) article ,
Destroying fat and Refined physic transformation.

In fact i know CT is not a fan of complexes but they work, what i do is 2 strenght session a weeks, one complexes session and one circuit session!!

good luck

If you start to feel beat up, you can always take a rest day and cut down on the calories/carbs for the day.