Question on Triple Total Training


Im starting the Triple Total Training by Chad Waterbury program and I have a question.

For the SETS/REPS. they mention 5RM, now if 100 lbs is the max weight I can lift, does 6X3 @ 5RM mean that I have to lift that weight, approx 500lbs??

Another example,

Shoulder Presses 2x24 @ 26RM

How should a beginner read this?


Highly Confused

5RM = The most weight that you can lift for 5 repetitions. Your max of 100 lbs is a 1 RM, becuase, I assume, that it was for one rep.

Boridi is correct.

Figure out what your 5RM max or estimate it if you are a good estimator and do 6 sets of 3 with your 5RM. If you under or overestimate, you can adjust accordingly the next time (lower or raise the weight you are using)

The second, 2 x 24, with your 26RM max should be in the ballpark of about 50% of your 1RM.

Basically, it will leave you with a couple of reps in the tank for both set schemes.