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Question on Training Little Athletes


My son has been playing contact football now for 4 years. He is 10yr. old and is one of the smaller boys on the team. He is playing corner back this season but in the off season I want to help him get faster, stronger, and a little bigger (he's 75lbs now). What would be your suggestions?


Let normal growth take its course. Most guys don't reach their top height before 18-20 years of age and muscle size is increased for much longer.

Some kids simply grow up or mature faster than others, this is a fact of life.

One of my friends used to be a monster when he was 12... much taller and bigger than all guys his age (he was something like 5'4'' and 150lbs in good shape). At 18 he was still 5'4'' and was up to about 165. Everybody thought he would be a brick wall but he stalled real fast.


I will tell you when beginning strength training for athletes you need to first develop sufficient strength of the muscles that are going to provide a foundation (stabilizers0 FOR THE MUSCLES THAT ARE THE PRIME MOVERS)bones and ligiments of children can be over sressed if resistance is to great.

I like to start at 11 is a good age but his weight will only be 30% of their weight at 13 to 14 move up to 50 60% at 15 16 the child is ready to go 100% also at 11 keep the reps at 13 to 15.So if it was my boy i would have him just do jumps body weight exercises and not with heavy external weights.Spints and agility work would be good jump rope and body weIght squat jumps.

Also if your serious make sure your getting the right research for your child i would suggest Louie simmons he is on top of the training list for me.HE was the first to bring the congugated method over to the united states (european based methods) far better than what were using her in the united states with the stupid progressive overload system.

SO if you want your kid to be more explosive and faster than anybody out there watch who you get your answers from. STRENGTH COACH PW34 best of luck and take your time.GOD BLESS