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Question on Thibs System


I was browsing through some relatively recent Thib's articles and looking for some routine ideas. In his article, the Thibs System he provides a sample split that goes as follows:

Or if you're more of an upper/lower kind of guy:
Day 1: Lower body
Day 2: Upper body
Day 3: Trunk (abs and lower back)
Day 4: Off
Day 5: Repeat

My question is what exercises does he mean when he says lower back. Forgive the stupid question but does he mean exercises like hypers and good mornings; or does he mean something as major as performing deadlifts on this day? In my view, the lower back and lower body (ham dominant) would include mostly the same exercises. Perhaps I'm over reading but I was just curious.


Personally I'd just stick to 2 upper and 2 lower body days a week. m-t-t-f. Training abs and lower back with 48 hours between squats or dls seems stupid.