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Question on Tests for Low T/Thyroid

Hello all,

Not 100% sure this is the correct forum for this, but based on my perusing over the years I think I will get the best answer here. If i’m incorrect, please advise and i’ll happily move it to “over 35” or “supplements” which were my other 2 choices.

I’m seeing a physician this week for a overall physical, blood draw/cholesterol, etc. I’ve recently relocated and this will be my first visit to this doc.

I see a psychiatrist and have been on a few different “mood stabilizers” (anti-depressants) for the past year or so, I haven’t had much response to them, either good or bad. Basic general laundry list I assume, decreased energy/sex drive, depression, trouble sleeping, anxiety etc.

As I haven’t responded ‘well’ on the various meds, shrink has advised I see a doc, get a blood draw, and have test/thyroid levels checked, so I want to have those included when I have the physical.

My question is…basically how to ask the right question when I’m at the appointment. Is a simple “check my testosterone level / thyroid” going to get me where I need to be? Should I be asking about free-T vs just levels? I know a lot of doctors aren’t especially progressive when it comes to this, and I want to push to get the most out of this visit that I can.

Assuming I do get low results, what types of treatments would I likely be looking at? I’ve heard of strips, pills, injections, etc…are these amounts generally so minimal that I would not need worry about side effects etc?

Background wise, I’m probably best described as a moderate lifter. I’ve no past experience with gear or cycles, closest I’ve come is a few bottles of andro back in the day when you could get it over the counter, probably close to 5 years ago.

Thanks in advance for any replies/advice, I really want to make the most of this visit and would appreciate any info shared.

For testosterone, free T is the value of actual importance. The others are of value only indirectly in being consequences of free T and amount of SHBG.

On the thyroid, while it costs a couple of hundred dollars extra to do, one really doesn’t know what the situation is unless free T3 is included in the measurements.