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Question on T-Dawg Diet

I am 5’10 and i weigh 160 and according the T-Dawg diet i am supposed to eat 15*160=2400 calories a day. Right? Anyways with that high calorie count all my high protein low carb foods are filled with fat-nuts, cheese, eggs ect. I am just worried i am going to gain weight by eating so many calories and fatty foods.

I am lifting (20 minutes a day) and running (3 times a week) and I am looking to get rid of 8-9 pounds of fat. Is this diet plan good to lose just 9 pounds? Also, what about after i have dropped the fat and i am looking to add muscle mass? Should i stick with it? Finally it says i should drop 500 calories the 2nd week. that would leave me at 1800 next week. Am i getting this T-Dawg diet correctly?

Thanks a lot.

Week 1: 160*15=2400 cals…100 g carbs (50 g should come from dextrose or preferably maltodextrin as part of your post-workout shake). If your not eating much carbs, you won’t get fat eating mostly P+F meals.

Week 2: 160*15-500 = 1900 cals…same carb situation as week 1.

Stick with it as long as your looking to lose weight…you can tweak it by dropping another 200-500 cals after week 3 or 4 if need be.

I used T-dawg 2.0 to lose 4 lbs of fat in 1 1/2 weeks, so yes using it for 9 lbs is fine. It’s important that you reintroduce your carbs slowly after your done…don’t just up them all at once.
Also, it’s probably not best to go from 1900 cals to 3500 when you want to bulk up. Step back up to your maintanence for a week or 2 and then increase in increments of 500 cals or so over a few weeks. When looking to build mass, you can’t be hypocaloric (ie. under maintenance)…you need to eat well above that level.

Good Luck Bro