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Question on Squatting Form

This is a repost but I figured more people might see this on this sub-forum.

Sorry if this is a dumb question but I guess it’s better to ask now than a week before the meet lol. I always try to squat as low as possible when training but was noticing yesterday I have alot of trouble keeping my arch when I hit the “rock bottom” position.

Not sure if this is a flexibility issue, due to build (I’m not that tall but have long legs and a short torso relative to my height)or stance since I use a relatively close stance.

On my last set though I stopped at parallel and kept my arch without any problem.

Should I keep trying to squat super low or just as far as my arch allows and keep working on flexibility? I think squatting deeper will give you more benefits in squatting strength but am concerned this might reinforce bad habits- i.e. losing the arch and tightness and trying to good morning the weight up.

Thanks in advance.

Don’t sacrifice form to get deeper. Go how low you can for now, and work on mobility where you need it.

To squat rock bottom or ATG the hamstrings have to relax, so it becomes a primarily quad movement (Assuming you’re using a low bar position). So it’s probably better for you to just squat to about 2 inches below parallel so that the hamstrings stay involved so you get more bang for your buck, especially for powerlifting.

Note: This is based on information from Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength book

I’m not by any means an expert on this, but i used to have the most shocking flexibility which caused me to lose my arch when squatting below parallel.

I used to strech by getting into a squat position and grab my shins sort of pull my body forward and down whilst trying to keep my back flat. I did that a few times a day and after squatting, it seemed to help. There was an article a while ago, ‘third world squat’ or something, which recommended something similar. I’d say it would be worth running a search and looking for that one.

But i’d definitely work on the flexibility before going to low. I used to get low back pain when squatting, took me a long time to realise that it was because i used to round my back to get depth

Thank you for your replies. This makes a lot of sense especially the thing about hamstring flexibility. Also I think sometimes I try to descent too fast and lose control and tightness. I will try slowing things down next week and taking these things into consideration and let you know how it goes.