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Question on SL 5X5


When using this program are you suppsoed to use ur max 5 rep or what? I know it saids to start out with the bar but im much stronger than that and feel like its a waste of time. Here are my 1 rep maxes.

Deadlift- 230



It's unclear (as not native English speaker) if those are weights in lbs or kgs. If in Kgs, goodlifts, keep up what you're doing and don't do Stronglifts which is designed only to build 'okay-decent 1 rep maxes'.

If those lifts are in lbs, firstly you will need to workout lots, and eat quite a bit more than you currently do, for many years.

I do agree that training with the bar alone on large compund moves is all but worthless, except maybe as:

A warmup, where you use perfect form at all times (this can be good to develop mind-muscle connection and really feel the muscles you are targeting with the exercise at work).

Certainly, in order to get stronger, you will have to lift heavier weights than you can at the moment. So make sure that each time you lift, you are trying to beat your previous top weight, although you can do a few warmup sets before you get to the 'record-breaker' set.


Do the program exactly as written. This program is proven, and the coaches who have written it are far more knowlegeable then you, do what they say.


Also, if those 1RM numbers are in pounds, than warming up with the bar is not really a waste of time, and you're not too strong for it. Lots of people warm up with the bar for several sets before they even think about throwing plates on there.



by start out i mean they want me to do all 5 sets with the bar ALONE. i always warm up with the bar alone though. i never said its worthless..


No one answered question. The program is linear. On first set use a light weight and work your way up till 5th set, on this you should use about 80% of 5RM. Read the damn program.


I read the "dam program". Instead of being a smart ass and you should of noticed it saids to use the barbel first and 5lb pounds to it 3 days a week. Dick..


If you start with the bar and focus on achieving perfect form while progressing week to week like the program states you will do two things. First, you will practice perfect form and perfect your lifts, which I am pretty sure your form isn't perfect, if you were to start with heavy weights you would be teaching your body to lift with bad form which is a bad habit that is hard to correct. Second, you aren't that strong and if you were to add, say, 10 lbs a workout, within a couple months you'll be using your current maxes as warm ups


yes, 1st workout is 5 sets with the bar


Mehdi? The author is Mehdi, who "borrowed" his ideas from others and marketed it as his own. He is not very knowledgeable, nor would I do anything he said.


people people, if you started this with your actual 5rep max, you wouldnt get very far