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Question on Rest

I just have a question about resting periods. When a workout on this site (specifically CWs TBT) says 60 sec rest between sets, does this mean that at the end of the exercise there should only be 60 seconds between the last set of the last exercise and the warmup of the next?

I though warming up should be done at an easier pace. Do I only need to worry about getting my rest between sets and not exercises? Unless of course antagonistic or supersetted.

Usually what they mean is 60 seconds of rest between sets of a specific exercise. If you’re doing a 3x10 bench press, take 60 seconds between each set of the bench press. If the program calls for supersetting the bench press with a bent over row, it is 60 seconds after each set (bench, rest 60 sec, row, rest 60 sec, bench, etc.).

Between different exercises or between groups of supersets, it is usually assumed you take a full rest and warm up at a comfortable pace.

If a program wants you to do otherwise (like in a circuit program) it will specifically say what the rest time is between exercises.