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Question on Quattro Dynamo


Getting ready to start this workout on Monday...one question, on day 6 when you do 6 'consecutive' sets of 3...do you do all 6 of one exercise with 60 sec resting in between, ie lunges, before moving onto the next exercise (crunches) and so on? Also, with crunches, usually I use resistance with a 45lb plate..is that advised to do the three reps (as fast as possible) or would no weight be better..thanks.


ray, sorry i cant answer your question but im interesting in this program and would like to try it in the new future. keep us updated on how it goes esp the explosive days, as im intrigued with the rep scheme...cheers


read the article again:

to answer your first question: "Remember, when you see those A1, A2 thingies, that means to do one set of A1, rest, then one set of A2. Superset like this until all "A" sets are completed, then go to the "B" exercises and so forth."

This applies to day 6 in the manner do all sets of A then move on to B

To answer your second question:

"Day 6 (Explosive Strength)

Sets: 6

Reps: 3

Rest: 60 seconds between consecutive sets

Load: 18RM

Tempo: As fast as humanly possible while maintaining proper form."

use whatever weight fits these parameters


Ok thanks for the advice..I understand the whole supersetting A1, rest A2 and so on, then to B1 and B2, etc. What threw me off is on day 6, there is just A,B,C,D...but I guess what you are saying is to do 6 sets of A (with 60 sec rest in between), then move onto B and so on. I guess its just weird to perform 3 situps, wait 60 seconds, then perform 3 more..but I am going to follow it anyways...now that I look at it again, it says traditional situps, not crunches...so I guess I could still use weight.