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Question On PWO Shake

Mornin' everybody,

I've been taking my post workout shake with a 1/2 scoopful of powdered orange gatorade mixed in. Is this a suitable alternate to dextrose?
As always, your comments are appreciated.



Depends on the Gatorade look at the ingredients some are sweetened with Fructose ( not great PWO) some use dex, etc.. Soetimes a PAIN to find the right stuff.

Might as well add my vote for giving Surge a Go you get the right Carbs and Hydro. Premixed ready to roll.

Hope that helps,


The Gatorade i use is Dex and Glucose.

One scoopful gives you 35 grams of carbs so a half scoop should only give you around 17 grams of carbs. That is not enough carbs. Unless you are on serious diet. Or did you mean one and a half scoops?


No, it was a 1/2 scoop. Should I be mixing a full scoop with a serving of ON Whey shake?



was that half a protein scooper or half of the little scooper that comes in the canister of gatorade?


1/2 of a small gatorade scooper