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Question on Push Ups


Would doing push ups 3 times per week every night over train you?


wow, that is a very confusing question.


6 months to make your first post, and this is what you come up with?


if you are doing push ups 3x per week, you can't be doing them every night, rather three nights during that week, and No, unless we are talking of push ups in the hundreds each time


No. Troll.




Sometimes I do them using push up handles (increase the ROM) with my feet elevated and additional weight load on my back. After 2 or 3 weeks of this regimen when I return to the bench press I feel my shoulder girdles much more stable. Push ups are awesome.

Unless you're weak, doing push ups at BW 3 times a week can be a good recovery tool. Increase blood flow in the muscles...


Does your 3 times per day beating off bouts over train your forearms? Of course not! Keep on doing your push ups for you are destined for greatness! YOUR NAME shall be put along with the likes of Arnold, Haney, Ruhl, and Donald Trump. Seriously dude are you retarded or high?


Of course not.

I do push ups at least 3 times a day, literally. Everyday.

I'm greasing the groove, since I don't have access to a gym right now.


Make sure you use protection :wink:


I don't do them as often as I should, but they do seem to shorten the amount of time my chest is sore after a day of heavy chest training. Like berzerkergang said, good recovery tool. And no, I dont really know how many pushups you'd have to do to overtrain, but trust me, you'd get really bored and sick of them by the time you did overtrain.


The word troll is over used on this forum thats all.


Depends if you are doing the pushups in the path of an oncoming train. Why don't you try it and report back?


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No. But doing pushups 4x a week every morning will kill you.

I did it for two weeks and my right arm fell off. No shit.


The best results I had using push ups were 4 sets to failure M-W-F. I weighed about 300 and got up to 91. I was also doing crunches, squat thrusts, and bag work T-T-S.

I tried doing them to failure everyday. After about 3 days my shoulders felt like shit.