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Question on Protein Supplement


Ok the guys at the gym told me to take muscle milk , and when i asked em what it is i got a blank stare. Anyone wanna tell me what muscle milk is , is it like whey , and should a noob like me take it?


Muslce Milk is just a protein supplement (in my opinion, one with far too many 'extra' things thrown in).

Check out the Grow! proteins here at T-Nation. Quality protein blends with great taste.

Oh, and yes, protien supplements are perfectly okay for a newbie; it's just food. But, it's always best to try to get the majority of your protein from solid food. "Eat steak, eat steak, eat a big ole steer. . ."

On a related note, I actually tried a friend's Muslce Milk before, and I much prefer my Grow!

Hope this helps a bit.


Yeah, it's just a brand name for a supplement.

Generally, you don't need a lot of extra thrown in ingredients, which really don't do much except drive up the price.

Personally, and a lot of people have stated it here before, I find the Low-Carb Grow! sold here to be about the best tasting protein powder I've found. Not too long ago they added a bunch of new flavors too...

Before I found T-Nation I used to buy that Gourmet crap at Nutrition House, and I tried nearly all the flavors. Only two of them were edible (to me). I tried Grow! once and I was hooked, so all I can say is try it and see for yourself.


Grow! Grow!


I used to own a nutrition store. As far as Muscle Milk is concerned....it tastes great, but is high in fat (sat fat) so if you're trying to keep that out of your diet stay away.

Also, like the others have said...even though I got wholesale prices on Muscle Milk, Optimum Whey, Designer Whey and others.....I still bought and used Low-Carb Grow! For the price, taste, and quality it can't be touched.


muscle milk is a good product - better by far than most. it is totally different than Low-Carb Grow! it has a lot of fat in it, lots of really good proteins, a moderately low amount of carbs, and lots of V&M. (1 serving is 18g fat / 12g carb / 32g pro.) if i had to choose one single food item to consume for every meal, muscle milk would be hard to beat.

it's good for:
a meal replacement
before bed
in the night

get something else, namely Surge, for pre/mid/post workout nutrition

it tastes freaking great, mixes easily, or can be eaten dry with a spoon right out of the container (or so i hear). i used this stuff a lot last year when i leaned up, and i still have a few tubs that i use occasionally (few times per week). i give it 9 out of 10 stars only because of cost.

the question for you - WHAT do you need a protein supplement for? who told you so? do you eat enough real food? and at what stage of the game are you?

sounds like 24 hr fatness pushing muscle milk. i didn't know those fux were in NY too.



Guys, don't forget that Low-Carb Grow! has enormous amounts of micellar casein in it--far more than any other product.

Just to remind you, micellar casein is the finest, highest-grade, most expensive muscle building, immune-system enhancing stuff available, and given that we sell it direct without middlemen, it's only 23 dollars.

Had to throw that in.


Damn Muscle Milk tastes good. But I just have such a hard time beleiving it actually has what it says on the label in it. Because, like I said, it tastes so damn good and its so damn cheap. Too good to be true in my opinion.

Grow! still makes the best milkshake though (my first meal of the day also included a gigantic chocolate protein milshake with peanut butter, nuts and flax pwder and cottage cheese like JB recommends and Low-Carb Grow!, Ive found gives me the best taste and texture so far Muscle Milk is a little too thin and Myhoplex just doesnt taste good) but isnt as easy to mix as MM, maybe because Grow! ACTUALLY has micellar casein and milk protein in it.

I still think there should be pre-mixed liquid Grow! drinks out there. But maybe Im just a dreamer...



With a promotion like that, I should go ahead and place another order. I go through this stuff like water!


Sounds like you've just described 96% of professional trainers.

My sentiments exactly. They've got a handful of decent flavors, but I'd love to get a label verification. Anyone know a site to use for that?

The other thing I don't like about Muscle Milk, is that it's one of those "Kitchen Sink" formulas. It has a bit of colostrum, a bit of creatine, a bit of MCT's, kinda all tossed together. Rather than simply being an efficiently absorbed protein, which is all I need my protein shake to be, like Grow!.


Muscle milk also has glycocyamine in it, which if I recall, is linked to elevated homocysteine levels.

Personally, I wouldn't touch the stuff. Grow! seems like the best choice to me.


I haven't tried Grow! yet because I stocked up on Muscle Milk a couple of weeks ago (before I found T-Nation). The only thing I can say on it's behalf is that it taste great to me. Even when I pick up some grow, unless grow taste like a strawberry shake, I plan on drinking muscle milk as a healthful dessert.


I actually prefer the taste of Low-Carb Grow!. Its lighter and less chalky but thats just me.I used to take muscle milk but like alot of people said though it tastes great some of the stuff thats in it isn't all that great.Plus like TC said in his shameless shill..its all about the micellar casein baby!


Personally, having tried both Muscle Milk and Low-Carb Grow!, I actually prefer the taste and smell of Muscle Milk. However, I still take Grow! because I know it's better for me.