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Question on pins

Hey bros,

I posted my cycle under give in to the dark side. I start next week and am getting the pins to inject with. Just wondering if what I’m getting is right. Basically I’m using Sust, EQ and liquid Winny. Do I get 25guage 1" pins to inject all these. Do I need to use a different size, say 22g 1" to draw from vial? or just use all the same size? As always thanks for any help

storey—pm me…

generally you want to use a larger pin to draw up I use a 21g this just makes it easier…not necessary but easier…EQ is thick stuff especially mixed with sust…Ive never used a 25g on anything I use 23g for everything oil based and even still run the case under warm water to heat up the oil it makes it a little easier to inject…I also use 1 1/2" for glutes but the 1" will work for the other sites…
Just my input Im sure some will disagree…:slight_smile:

I use 25ga for EQ and have never had a problem. As far as length, I use 1" on glutes, but if you have a heavily padded ass you may want to go longer.

thanks for the help bros. Does everyone agree that the Teduro? brand ones are the best to get? So I’ve read anyways

keep in mind some of these guys get off on self mutilation, hence the 23g. screw that! i will never use anything less than a 25g. you can use a larger to draw with. having said that i have never had trouble drawing with a 25 as long as it was a terumo syringe. i used some other gay ones that i happen to get busted with and those took 10 minutes to draw anything.

this is my injection protocol as it pertains to pins. 22g 1 1/2" for glutes, 25g 1" for quads, 25g 5/8" for all other sites( tri’s, bi’s, delts, etc.) one thing to consider. you may have a hard time pushing the winny through a 25g pin depending on the brand. zambon and usually denkall are the only ones that i use that will go through a 25g. all others are 22g. also i draw up with a 25g.

Whatever you choose, please don’t use insulin pins for oil-base chemicals… I think it’s extremely stupid.

Use 1"-23g for delts, 1-1/2"-22g for glutes, and 5/8"-25g for everywhere else (triceps, biceps). I have hundreds of blister packs with the pin attached to the barrel, all being 1"-23g. I just unscrew the pin after I draw up the oil, and replace it with the appropriate size needle to coincide with the injection spot.

The only brand I have ever used was B-D that I pick up at the local pharmacy.

mass nutrition - why do you feel that its stupid to use an insulin pin for oil based drugs?

3xKrazy, why bother? Is it an issue of pain? I feel insulin pins don’t penetrate the muscles deep enough into most muscle bellies. It’s just not proper medical procedure.

mass i think you meant to use 1" pins in the quads right? about the slin pin. i know alot of bro’s suggest using them but i truly cannot make them work for me. maybe i just dont have the patience. i prefer using 25g and getting it over with. how many of you are actually using slin pins on a regular basis and how long does it take to push through 1cc? i tried several times and it felt like i would be there for 5 minutes. maybe its just me. i wish i could get those fuckers to work because they are basically pain free. thats what i use for my hcg.

LOL Drago. I hear ya Bro, I have no patience either. Pain is not an issue for me. Maybe I’m just sick in the head, but I LOVE the feeling of jabbing metal through my skin.

…and yes, I meant quads. I forgot to mention them in my first thread.