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Question on Pharma Product after Surgery

Ok I recently had shoulder surgery on June 1 of this year. I had an open wound surgery and I suffered an injury to my musculocutaneous nerve during the surgery, most likely it was just stretched. This has caused me to experience a ton of muscle atrophy in my bicep due to it not being able to flex and forearm has been on overload ever since when bending my arm picking up things etc. My shoulder is great I have all my range of motion back but arm is still very week from all the muscle atrophy. I know the nerve will take a lot of time to heal back but in the mean time is there anything I could take such as HGH to help my muscle and strength come back from the atrophy. Thanks for any Info or advice. I have been in PT for 10 weeks now and probably have 2 more months to go. Therapist is being real aggressive as she sees I’m wanting to get back to 100 percent and get back to my normal life.

Well for recovery bpc 157 and low dose test and EQ. Test is more for the muscular atrophy and EQ for ligament tendon recovery and strengthening. Bpc for all over recovery. 250mcg eod or so would be great as well as 200mg test enanthate and 400mg EQ