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Question on P+F meal

today i went to restraunt with dad and i asked for fetticuine meanning just the noddles and a chicken brest but they gave me alfredo i didnt eat all of it and i didnt eat much of the sause i tried just eating the noodles and the chicken how much will that effect me. i worked out till 430 drank shake and then ate at bout 6 is this gonna screw me up im doing the appetite for construction by john bernardi.Input thanx

Dude it is ONE time.don’t sweat it!! What the hell is going on here!!! First a question about a ONE night drinking binge,and now this…trust me I am REALLY into eating clean,and working out,but sometimes you have to just let go…sorry to vent and this was not meant to flame you Balla3

These message boards are not a personal dietary log… Perhaps you could private message this to someone AFTER they express interest in tracking your unique dietary concerns.

You can’t be serious. So far you have asked questions about Doritos and Fettuccini Alfredo.

ok thanx sorry man i just wanna be the best i can possibly be i kno im obbsesed man well thanx for input

Honestly man, when you don’t get to eat like you want or maybe you miss a meal…whatever it is you don’t want to stress about it.

It is one thing to not eat right and have that affect you. But then you make it even worse for your body if your stress levels go up. Try your hardest to do your best, when something doesn’t go exactly as planned don’t sweat it and do it right the next time.

and i didnt talk about doritos man thats terrible i wouldnt eat that stuff i only said this cause i was suppose to get regular chikcen and noddles but they screwed it up but yea …

Something no one else seemed to note… what the hell are you doing making a PF meal with noodles?

I would say next time if they screw up what you want have them take it back.

While this little set back wont kill your diet or anything this is a lifestyle, a choice, and sometimes we have to do things others dont. Just explain yourself to the server in a polite way and ask to have your order replaced.

Hope this helps,


lone lobo its supposed to be a P+C meal if u didnt note…i had a question about P+C+F meal thats why it basically was so read into it more before u judje what im saying

EB3, if it’s just one meal it shouldn’t affect you too much.

But if you start stressing too much, you’ll have to get some Cortislim to combat the rise in stess-induced cortisol. And then you can lose weight without diet or exercise!!!

Phill one one the rules I live by is never send food back unless its at a really high priced restaurant. By sending the food back the cook sees it as a slap in the face. When you get your food back you might be eating more than what you ordered, if you know what I mean.

I agree with Phill. It’s a lifestyle change. If the server doesn’t bring you what you want, send it back.

Don’t fret over one incident.

The name of your post is “Question on P+F meal”, you dope. No where in the post do you specify otherwise.