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Question on Oats...

Hi, all, I see several websites on calories in diff foods. oatmeal (rolled oats, no flavour or anything) has one site at 145 cals a cup… and one site a 110 cals an OUNCE!! btw 8oz in a cup… WOW which one should i use? im trying to keep a food log here! haha

thanks for any help

Go with the one that’s on the package of the oats you’re using…

Also, check if the measurement given is for dry or cooked. Oats expand substantially after you cook them… that 1/2 cup dry will become 1 cup + after cooking.

For old fashioned (slow cook) oats, this site
shows the following
40g oatmeal (1/2 cup dry)
150 cal / 3g fat / 27g carb / 5g prot

while this site
41g oatmeal
160 cal / 2.5g fat / 27g carb / 7g prot

The 8ozs. you refer to is a LIQUID measure–8 ounces of liquid to a cup. A dry cup (in this case of oats) would weigh far less than 8 oz.



It is simply a matter of weight vs. fluid volume. They are not the same thing.