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Question on Nutrition

Is it better to do Bulks and cuts in cycles or Gain muscle while losing fat? By the way who does Dave Tate’s nutrition?

That’s pretty broad. But it would be better to accumulate muscle mass for a long period of time while keeping fat gains lower, if becoming significantly larger was a goal. If you gain for 6 months and cut for 3, thats one step forward and a half step back. I’d rather gain straight through till I reached a significant size and then spend the time to strip the fat off. Getting sloppy fat would make that take awhile but if you’ve got some discipline you shouldn’t be too out of shape anyway.

Assuming you want to be large(you are posting in the bodybuilding section) I would say try to pack on maximum muscle while keeping a bodyfat you can live with.

Justin Harris of Troponin Nutrition did Dave’s most recent diet. Dr. John Berardi helped him in the beginner, not sure which one you are looking for.