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Question on Nutrition

I’m planning my first cycle, going to follow the newbie cycle posted here with 250mg of Test E E3D for 10 weeks. Now I understand that you should eat a shitload of food but my main goal is to make my first cycle as efficient as possible in terms of maximum muscle minimum fat. As I understand it takes 2 weeks for the test to kick in, as such my plan is to start at my maintenance and work up to the following by the end of those two weeks:

Calories: 3300
Protein: 230g
Carbs: 470g
Fats: 70g

I definitely want to continue increasing that throughout the cycle, but for the first little bit I want to start slow. Is doing something like this necessary or should I jump into it and gain as much as I can as fast as I can?

I still have a few months before a friend of mine is in a place to do the cycle with me, so I have some time for some much needed education. And speaking of which, what are some resources I can use to get a legitimate education?

Thank you for all the help!

I’d gage it by the look in the mirror of your mid section and waist measurments. Then adjust calories accordingly.
Weekly pictures in the same pose and the same lighting would also help.