Question on Number of Reps in First Set

Today i bicep curled a certain weight 17 times in the first set, my consecutive sets i only managed 10,9,8, 5 or something.I take relatively little rest between the sets

My goal is strength and hypertrofy. ( but i dont want to take a heavier weight yet because my wrists are finally not hurting for a while)

Would it be smarter to cut the first set short at about 12 reps for example so i can do more reps in the consecutive sets and maybe hit more volume over all in the total workout because i dont blow my whole wad in the first?

Or does maxing out in the first set and doing 17 reps have a benefit and does it provide a better stimulus over doing only 12 reps max.

I’d save maxing out for the final set. You don’t want to blow your wad too early :grin:

Check out the articles on T Nation you’ll find loads of workouts for arms and pointers on form.

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This is probably a larger issue than what weight or reps you are curling. When I started lifting, my wrists would hurt from benching. By fixing a form problem and by improving grip strength, it fixed itself up.

As a beginner you want to address any pain or injuries quickly as they can become more serious as your poundage increases.


if you took your first set to failure then you would expect a significant drop in reps in subsequent sets.

Personally I like to ramp my weights up, but there’s more than one way to fuck a cat I suppose