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Question on Nolva


I searched for this but I could'nt find what I needed.I have Nolva,and I understand how to use it for PCT.

If you started having problems with sesitive nipples during a cycle how would you use it then?I have not experienced any problems,but I want to be prepared before I start.How much would you take for how long and would you need to stop taking your other gear?THanks in advance.


I hesitated to answer this question cause I know others can probably give a better answer, but here's what I've been tought. When you have any signs of gyno and all you have is nolva:

60mg for first 3 days
40mg ED until symptons subsude
20mg ED for duration of cycle

But get letro (or some ai of that nature) ASAP, if you have gyno symptoms, cause nolva aint the best for prevention of gyno.

Best Of Luck!