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Question on My Current Cycle


Hi guys im on my 3rd cycle currently running 500mg of test per week and 25mg of dbol a day. this is my 2nd time on dbol since i had a break somewhere in the middle to let my liver breath. so i bought nolvadex with them both but have never taken it. lately more than on my last go around with dbol i have noticed an increase in "bitch tits" lol. its not anything really noticable but it is to me. so im half way through current cycle of dbol\test should i run nolva with the dbol or will the swelling in my chest go down after im back off the dbol?

dont know if ya need but im working out 5 days a week and im 6 foot and 190lbs


Order some Arimidex, and take 10mg Nolvadex a day until it gets there. This information is not that hard to find man. If you're going to mess with your hormones, you need to do some research and do it responsibly. You can start with the AI/SERM sticky.