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Question on Meal Timing and Training

I have recently been working a full time internship for my senior level college major. Due to stress and my anxiety issues I tend to not eat very much during the day, but try to overload my meals when I get home… I work 9-5 I usually do a small breakfast and small lunch sometimes a protein bar for snack… then at 5-11 I try to get in 3 big meals. I have been doing a few med switches so hopefully my anxiety can get under control. I have lost some weight but haven’t lost any strength…

I switched my training up to a 5/3/1 style focusing on power movements and strength… I used to love volume and bodybuilding training but I am not going to go back to that until the semester is over. I’m trying to really just maintain strength.

Also I completely went off all supplements and notice I look worse but my strength is the same if not better… anyone else experience this?

What supplements? You do know that there have been and are some great bodybuilders that used no or minimal supplementation.

You can replace some of your meals with shakes, which makes things much easier.

You can eat three large meals instead of five or six smaller ones.

Or you can try intermittent fasting.

It seems you’ve hardly read up on nutrition.

Ah yeah nutrition is the big key that kept me from advancing to the next level. I always just ate whatever and enjoyed the college lifestyle while maintaining a somewhat athletic physique. I never took it that serious to the point of bodybuilding. I have always been decently strong for my size I just need to work on my anxiety.

In the past I have been able to perfect a good 6-7 meal diet routine but currently it’s been chaos … even making it to the gym is hard! I’ve heard about the fasting and it seems like it works. I just dunno if I could follow that and fast for so long.