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Question on Maximal Growth Program


Hey guys,

First time poster here. Glad to have found this place. Anyway, this workout http://www.T-Nation.com/findArticle.do?article=267max2 sounds like something I am interested in doing the next three months. I was wondering if there were specific guidelines as far as the weight ranges that should be used for each of the training days and phases?

For instance, are the higher rep days done with a lower percentage of your 1RM than the low rep days are, and if so... what percentage of my 1RM should I be working in. I hope to start out doing the lowest number of prescribed reps for a given day, then bump it up until I can do the highest rep amount for that range.

Also, should the weights used be steadily increasing over the 12 weeks... or should they stay static?

Thanks alot!



Decent program, but I think a beginner also needs squats in his program


ALthough I posted it here in the Beginner's forum... I'm not exactly a newbie to weight training. I've been doing it for about 10 years... though only seriously (4 times weekly) for about the last two years. Squats were a part of the program I am just coming off... but I wanted to do something new and different to avoid being stuck in a rut. I also play ice hockey twice weekly... so it's not like my legs are being neglected, but I appreciate your thoughts on adding squats. Are there any guidelines for as far as the weights that should be used for the higher rep vs lower rep days, in general?



Nothing is set in stone. Just make sure you can complete the set/rep ranges in good form and still give you a challenge


Meant to respond to this the other day. Are you referring to a different type of squats than is used in this program? Are narrow squats not good enough? It's what I did today... the squats and incline DB bench along with some leg extensions and DB flyes.

Anyone know of a way to get ahold of Joel Marion to ask him some specific questions about his program? It doesn't look like he accepts PM's and I didn't see an email address either. Did I just miss it somehow?