Question on ISSA Insurance

Anybody here get their certification and insurance from ISSA? I wanted to know what their insurance fee was, as well as any other annual fees from being a certified personal trainer.

the reason i ask is because i’m looking to do personal training part-time to supplement my full time job. i’m hoping to eventually do personal training full time, but i know i need to have a certification and insurance to train at various gyms.

You only need insurance if you are training on your own as a sole proprietor. If you are planning to be employed at a gym, it is thier responsibility to make sure insurance is taken care of.

When I bought my ISSA insurance back in 1999, it was around 400.00/ yr If i remember correctly. Only necessary if you’re going into business for yourself.

I am currently with ISSA and I’m a sole proprietor, with the insurance they offer the price depends on a few different variables (hours you train, experiance and a few others). The first year they give you a discount I think I paid around $300 for full time training now I pay around $400 a year. Again you usually only need it if your on your own. I hope this helps. -Thad

yeah, i’m going to be sole proprietor, running my own part-time personal training biz. I checked with NSCA and they charge $310 a year for their insurance and membership. thanks for the feedback guys!

now just to make sure: “sole proprietor” can mean I’m running my own personal training biz, not necessarily owning a gym, right?