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Question on IR


i have read through the thyroid basics sticky, and proceeded to get labs done. I do not have them with me at the moment but the Doctor said everything looks fine (yes i know)…

However i did record body temperature a couple of times before blood work and mid day I had some low temperatures of 96.4-97.0 this is in the afternoon.

What has lead me to believe that there is a hypothyroidism problem is two things basically:
I lost roughly 44lbs over the last year, through diet and training, i eat much cleaner than I did back when I was overly fat. The last 2-3 months i have gained 15lbs and my calorie consumption is in the 2000-2500 range.

I am 6ft tall weigh 220lbs atm and I eat clean. Now what really bothers me is that i am gaining weight and when i cut down on calories to 1800 i’m extremely hungry and my weight just stays there. The majority of my friends my age (im 23) eat far more and loose weight much faster, my one friend is 5ft 8 and 180lbs and cuts on 2800.

The labs also came back and said that i have very high cholesterol docotr said normal range is 5 (no idea of unit) and i’m at 9.6.

Am i thinking in the right direction, to start IR and record body temps?
Also if i am iodine deficient and i get in the .75g over 2-4 weeks would I be able to cut on a more reasonable amount of calories and loose weight again? Does hypothyroidism have an effect on cholestrol levels?

Thanks for any help

Any chance your doctor or lab company can give you copies of your results? That way you can see the numbers, ranges, and units.

I can’t advise you to do IR until I see the numbers. Did you test thyroid antibodies on top of the regular thyroid tests? Recommend knowing what your antibodies are before starting IR.

Personally, IR did nothing for me… it didn’t change my body temps. Except my TSH went up 1 full point and now it is above the range.