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Question on Incline Dumbell Flyes

I notice that when I do incline dumbell flyes that I lose tension above my chest when I bring the dumbells together. So the way I’ve been doing them is to bring the dumbells up until I’m about to lose tension in my pecs; this happens with about 2 feet in between the dumbells above my chest.

Does this make sense? Am I doing them wrong? Does anyone else experience this?

It’s gonna happen Randman, because the angle of gravity acting on the dumbbell in relation to the pec muscle changes at the top. You know, it’s kinda like doing a press rather than a flye right at the very end. To combat this, you could “squeeze” the pecs at the top; or maybe switch to using cables, because the cables will have a more consistent resistance throughout the entire movement.

Try Mike Robertson’s advice to clinch your scapula (shoulder blades)and also pull them down simultaneously. Puff up your chest and do your flyes. See if that helps Randman.

better yet, use 2 low pulleys with a bench inbetween.

I agree- use cables! I started using cables for flies recently myself (per the suggestion of someone around here… can’t remember who), and it’s way better than dumbells. Not only does it eliminate the problem you mentioned, Randman, but it’s so much easier on your shoulders.