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Question on Humalog Cycle

Hello everyone, I’m italiano…ho 27 years old, I do BB for 12 years, I’m familiar with cycles of aas ,offseason are90 kg now, in season are 88 kg 87…
I’m going to do my first cycle of humalog to try to take 4-5 kg to maintain …

The idea is: 4 weeks are only humalog

only after the workout back, arms, legs … 10 iu of humalog with carbohydrates, amino acids etc etc. …

Now the question is:
CAN i remove humalog gradually at the end of the cycle? as with aas? or can I just finish?

i have to do pct? even with the insulin?

making in this way the risks of insulin resistance exist?


I decided to write instead of read only …if be able to understand me … I will continue hahahahhah