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Question on "How to Stay Lean and Build Muscle"

Like everyone else, my goal is to gain muscle while not getting fat. Found this article of yours and liked it. Had one question though.

Article said limit carbs to peri/post-workout, I agree with that. But do those carbs include veggies as well (such as broccoli, carrots) ? It also said eat at least 2lbs of veggies a day, can’t forsee eating ALL of them post workout

Anyways, great stuff man, glad you’re on this site

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I don’t count veggies towards macros as they are usually fiber dense and calorically low.

With that said, you CAN end up exceeding macros with veggies all depending on selection.

For example corn is fairly calorically dense, and of course potatoes are a veggie but they shouldn’t be included.

I don’t like veggies in the post workout window. They can slow digestion a bit because of the fiber content.


Paul, I had another question about this whole carbs thing

What if I’m a hard-training individual on high volume, AND I’m doing morning cardio. Should I have a small serving of carbs at breakfast and lunch in order to keep glycogen from getting too low, and thus having shitty/not optimal performance? Something I’ve been struggling with. I’m not talking about 2 cups of rice, but something like 100cal worth of sweet potato at breakfast and lunch. I’m thinking because I already “worked out” (200 cals burned incline speed walking) that the carbs will go to muscle glycogen anyways. Then, I’ll lift, and have my post workout meals.

Was curious what are your thoughts on this, whether cardio constituites breaking the “carbs only post workout” rule.

I will add context by saying I’m a young male at an already lowish bodyfat, so I’m not really trying to cut

Steady state doesn’t really tap out glycogen stores. It uses fat that is already in the bloodstream for energy for the most part.

If you’re carbing up effectively peri and post workout then you’ll be accomplishing glycogen replenishment just fine. Over a 24 hour period, so long as you have carbs coming in, you’re going to refill depleted glycogen, again, so long as the carbs are coming in.

thanks man. I’ve been feeling like shit recently during workouts, guess I’m not getting in enough carbs. Shows in my bloodwork too, as my thyroid was low.

You personally, do you incorporate carbs in meals before working out?

No I don’t. It’s fats and protein in the first meal, then ketones before training then I switch to carbs.

I’ve developed a carb cycling strategy that is working unbelievably well for me right now, and ultra simplistic to follow. It’s going to be the basis of the nutrition manual. I’ve literally never used a plan so simple and effective for rotating carbs.


thanks paul. I guess its just a matter of getting in enough calories to avoid feeling shitty during the day. Good luck on your nutrition manual! I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my question

My pleasure broham

Hi paul u mentioned in the post something about Nutrition manul. I know u r an awesome coach and launched some books like bade building, maximum muscle bible (with Thibs) etc. If you are about to launched a book on Nutrition i am really happy to buy it.

It should be out within a month to six weeks. I hope.

Thanks a million paul for the reply. I had one more question do you prepare your clients for contest.? Like do you take clients for contest preparation.?

I do. I have some people in prep right now.

Coach What are your charges and All details, if someone wants to hire you for contest preparation…?

Shoot me an email. paul@lift-run-bang.com

Okay i will thanks a million for your time…