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Question on High Serum T

Hello everyone,

I already asked this question in another part of this forum but it seems no one could answer it.

I’m wondering what was the maximum serum testosterone level (in ng/dl or else) you’ve ever seen during a cycle.

I’m asking because my last blood test ended up with 2627 ng/dl total T and 1330 bio T.
The dose I’m taking is pretty low: 105mg/week of Test E along with 350 iu HCG EOD (both IM).

I had injected 30mg the day prior to the blood test. Someone suggested I might have hit a vein thus causing the high T.

So, at what serum level do you usually end up during a cycle?


I read your other posts, ksman and others already gave you some ideas to work with. You’re focusing on the wrong thing here.

Yes they’ve been very helpful already.

I’m just curious.

That’s all.