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Question on High Frequency Programs


Hi CT and others,

I have responded well to the high frequency lifting plans touted on Best Damn, and have been using this alternating with the Strength/Skill plan. I like the 6 days a week, intense but focused workouts.

Question: What are the advantages/disadvantages of the protocol outlined in BD, where one does 2x6 warm up sets, then one all out set (rest pause, drop, etc…) compared to doing three heavy working sets in the 4-6 range? I find the latter to be mentally easier, since although all sets are heavy none are an all-out set to failure. Would there be a benefit of doing both styles? Or even just choosing one lift to do the BD method and the subsequent lifts doing 3 heavy working sets in the 4-6 range?

From comments, it looks like others are also using elements of both of these (BD and Strength/Skill circuit) with positive results.

Thanks in advance for advice.


I started with Best Damn but then migrated to Strength/Skill about 5 weeks after. I am doing the Strength/Skill with the daily hypertrophy focus, 1-2 bodyparts per day following Strength/Skill, but only doing 1 or 2 sets mostly with cables and machines. I am in my 40s, and I found that although I really liked the BD program, it was still wearing me down after a few weeks. So far, with strength/skill, I have not had that problem, as recovery seems to be better even with the additional hypertrophy work. Overall, I am enjoying the strength/skill program more. Just my two cents…