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Question on HCL Therapy

Does anyone know how long one should wait after following Poliquin’s HCL therapy process before doing it again?

I did it about 5 months ago and am thinking of doing it again.


I personally don’t see why you would need to wait.

Curious though, what were your results the first time and why are you thinking of doing it again?

I started it last week and while there has only been a minor improvement overall, I do think it’s an improvement so I’m going to keep at it.

The therapy continues until you feel the “warm coffee” sensation with 200mg of the HCL. Once you feel that, you’re done. You can test yourself if you like, but if you keep getting the sensation after one capsule, there’s no need to stay with it. I just stopped a few days ago because I would get a little heartburn everytime I took a capsule with my meal.

I’m definitely noticing some body comp changes and I sleep like a log, so it seemed to work well for me.