Question on Estradiol Targets

Hey everyone,

I’m a bit confused on Estradiol targets. I just had my second adjustment, and my numbers have definitely improved, but the Dr made some slight adjustments. Wanted to ask a couple of questions here for sanity checks…

Here are my latest labs (12 weeks in):

Total Test: 925 (Ref 250-1100)
Free Test: 219 (Ref 46-224)
Bio Test: 451 (Ref 110-575)
SHBG: 19 (Ref 10-50)
Serum Albumin: 4.5 (Ref 3.6-5.1)
Estradiol: 29 (Ref <=29)
Estradiol, Free: .64 [H] (Ref: <= .45)

My Regimen to achieve these numbers was the following:
Test Cypionate: 70 mg on Monday and Thursday
HCG: 250 IU Monday and Thursday
Anestrazole: .5 mg three times per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Modifications the doctor had me make for next 6 weeks:
Test Cypionate: 70 mg every 4th day
HCG: 250 IU every 4th day
Anestrazole: 1 mg every 4th day

2 questions here (and would love any other feedback!)

  1. I know the Estradiol target is 22… is that the top measurement, or is it .22 with the Free Estradiol? I’m confused here… when I inquired about it with the Dr, he simply stated the free was the important one.
  2. Would it be better to do .5mg of the AI EOD rather then 1 mg 2x/week. Seems that would spike the estrogen inhibitor only on days of the shots. Just curious as to what you guys think…

As always, thank you!


Are you self injecting?

It’s good that you have a doc willing to adjust doses based on labs. If you are self injecting, I would reduce the T dose to 60mg and inject on Monday and Thursday. I’d keep the Adex at 0.5mg 3x/week and keep the hcg the same. You are not that far from 22.

How are you feeling? Libido? Energy? Gains in the gym? Brain fog?

Hey Nash!

Yeah, I was kind of thinking that as well. The 1mg Adex just doesn’t seem like a great idea from what I can tell.

Yes, I am self injecting. I was doing gluts, but just switched to quads due to mobility/flexibility issues.

Energy, and libido are improving from where I was at week six for sure. Brain fog is stil there a bit, and the gym… Well, still trying to see some improvements there despite having more energy and putting in a lot more effort. We’ll see.

Any knowledge on that free estradiol test? Seems like I have a whole lot of unbound Estradiol in my system.

I really don’t know much about the free estradiol numbers. My guess would be that reducing your E2 would reduce the free E2 as well. There are several ways to reduce E2.

Take more Adex. You are already on a relatively high dose of Adex. 1.5mg week. So I wouldn’t immediately jump on increasing this.

Decrease T dose. Your taking a slightly higher than normal TRT dose. So I’d reduce this down to 120mg per week and I’d switch to sq injections. This is a little over a 10% reduction which should theoretically reduce your E2 by a little more than 10%. So your new E2 can be expected to be around 25.

You can lose fat. That reduces the overall amount of the aromatase enzyme.

If these changes don’t help, then I would think about making some liquid Adex and adding a very small amount to the protocol. Say like .6mg three times per week.