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Question On EDT Reps

when following EDT guidelines are you suppose to try to get 60-70 reps with each pair of exercises in total? or 60-70 reps with each exercises in each pair?

Youre supposed to do as many reps as you can in the given time period for each exercise. The next time you do that workout, you try to beat the original total. When you increase the total reps for an exercise by 20% of the original total, you increase the weight by 5% and start over again.

what if when performing the exercise pairs you end up getting more reps with one of the exercises?

Thats fine. You dont have to do the same number of reps for both exercises in the superset,as long as you are beating your previous week’s record.

The cool thing with EDT is the flexibility. Are you training for Strength? Endurace? Hypertrophy?

If strength is the main goal, you might want to stick with heavy Singles, Doubles, and Triples to start with in the PR Zone, and you may only get 10 - 15 reps.

If you want hypertrophy, a good rep range is 25 - 45 or so.

Endurance would be upwards of 60 per set, which seems a bit much to me, but we all have different goals.

Exactly, I think it depends of your goal. In a little while, I’ll be posting an hybrid EDT/Lactic acid training, which will be composed of 3 exercises back to back (Original EDT is 2) for 15 min. I will aim for 12X5 reps, so that makes it 75 seconds by set of 5 reps for 3 exercises, INCLUDING rest time between sets.

I’ll post my program shortly.