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Question on Diet and Workout

Hey all, I’ve just finished 6 weeks of BBB. And made some decent gains in upping my lifts. So right now I am fairly happy. But now that I’ve started T-Dawg 2.0 for my diet not sure which program to switch to. I was thinking of swapping around the days on BBB for a program as I enjoyed that one. My other question with going with a program is I have a very labour intensive job, as a cribber. Only been back to doing that for 4 weeks so not quite sure how its going to affect my recovery. Also right now I am trying to lose some weight right now i’m 253 at 6 feet tall, and somewhere around 20% BF. With what I am eating I am taking in about 3000 cals a day and about 3200 cals on workout days. Any advice on which program would work best for me would be appreciated.

labor job. Id suggest three full body workouts a day then. Thats what did the best for me while doing construction, concrete etc. Just couldnt do the whole annhiliate one body part thing it would/did make the next day at work hell.