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Question on Destroying Fat Article

i’m a 28 y.o. male, currently a texas state trooper, i’m 6’ 3", 275lbs. i’ve done alot of trial and error with workouts and have seen some progress…i’ve done alot of research and luckily came upon this site…my question is the following…i read CT’s article on “Destroying Fat” and am going to try the routine in the article but need clarification on some things…

CT posted in the following:
If you’re using two weekly heavy sessions I suggest dividing the body in two:

Day 1: Chest and Back

Day 2: Quads and Hamstrings

These workouts should look like this:

A1. Main chest exercise (DB press, incline DB press, wide grip bench press, etc.)

4-6 reps
No rest (or 10 sec. to change exercises, as coach Poliquin would say)

A2. Chest secondary exercise (DB flies, cross-over, etc.)

6-8 reps

Take 2 minutes of rest, then move on to…

B1. Main back exercise (weighted chins or pull-ups, chest-supported row, 1-arm row, etc.)

4-6 reps

No rest

B2. Secondary back exercise (any back exercise described in my Torso solution article)

6-8 reps

Does this mean do both chest workouts A1 & A2 then move on to the back workouts, B1 & B2? i’ve read on the forums that people are doing antagonist training by doing a main chest A1 with a main back B1 and so forth (A2-B2)…

Also posted in the article:
Day 1: Heavy lifting chest/back

Day 2: Lactate-inducing workout 1

Day 3: OFF

Day 4: Heavy lifting quads/hams

Day 5: OFF

Day 6: Lactate-inducing workout 2

Day 7: OFF

Also, on day 2 of the routine, the next day is Lactate Inducing Lifting consisting of circuit training…it consists of working the chest and back again, now if i do this wouldn’t i be overtraining and hurting my gains if i worked chest and back the previous day?

How would i go by following this workout if i’m going to do two consecutive workouts where i have worked chest and back?..i’ve done my research but have not gotten any clarification and i apologize for this long ass question…i would appreciate the help

if i can’t get answer here @ this forum at least i would appreciate if i can be directed to a forum that can

Have you read the discussion that is a part of that article?
Usually that helps me with any questions I come up with.
It’s a great program, GL!

I do believe, though, that you do a main chest, then a main back…rest and repeat…then you do secondary chest/secondary back…I think he said somewhere it was a typo…
and yes, you do the circuit the day after…

unless you are a competitive athlete or somethin’, I wouldnt worry about over training…get creative with the exercises! For horizontal pushing for example you could do pushups! Or Floor presses…or any other secondary exercise you might not have done in awhile! :slight_smile:

Thank you ma’am for the feedback and i appreciate it very much

Also, you are working in a higher rep range on the circuit days, which moves blood into the muscle and can actually help recovery, so even if you did, say, DB bench both days, you would probably be fine.

It’s a great program, the circuits are brutal.

i really appreciate the feedback and am really looking forward to get in shape and get on this workout

i’m getting two things, one is that i’m supposed to do the chest and back rest and repeat, but then i’m getting that i’m supposed to do the two chest wo’s then the back wo’s and then rest…is either or will get me the same results…thanks again

This is one of those weird supersets where you superset chest primary with chest secondary, so do A1, then A2 with no rest between them, then rest 2 min, then do A1 then A2, until you’ve done the req. sets. Same thing with back.