Question on Dave Tate's Bench Press Tips

Hello lifters,

yesterday is saw thist video of dave tate on youtube: - YouTube

at around 5:09 does he say: “you necessarily have to pull you shoulder blades insanely together”

or " you DON’T necessarily…"

sorry for this stupid question and thanks in advance


ok thanks, now my second question:

i thought you should sqeeze you’re shoulder blades as hard as you can to create the most stable position for your press.

in an older vid Dave tells how important it is to retract the shoulder blades hard and with which intent does he tell something different nowadays?

I’m really confused now…

greets, tommy

Right before he says that, he says to putr your feet on the bench, push your hips high in the air, youll feel the pressure there (upper back), and he says to find the same spot, If you do that then he says you dont necessarily have to do squeeze your shoulder blades together. hes still showing how important it is to keep yourself tight and stable but a different way of going about it.

You still want to squeeze your shoulder blades, but you don’t have to do it in an insanely painfully tight fashion.

but you squeeze them still that hard that you can keep your upper back tight and you are in the right postion, right?

thank you, tommy

^^ yes, pull them back so as to reduce your benchstroke by a few inches. then shrug your shoulders up to create a rock solid area (upper back / traps) to bench off of.