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Question on Cycling Carbs

Hey guys,
I need some advice. I’ve been hitting the weights pretty hard the last 3 months and I am getting ready to start cutting. I am following the program on T-Nation called “The Carb Cycling Codex Gain muscle and lose fat optimally!” by Christian Thibaudeau posted 11/08/05.
I’m 48. I weigh 182 lbs. Height is 5’5" with a muscular frame. I lift heavy each week 4 days (M,T, T,F) Wed I do cardio as well after lifting I try to do 20 min of HIIT.

I hope I’m wrong with my calculations but it shows that I should have 25 grams of fat per day. Isn’t that way to low?
It shows that my cals should be at 2250
230 protein & carbs that vary with different days.

Please give some advice

Your calculations are correct. If you look in the article the 220 lb bodybuilder trying to cut only gets 33g fat. If you feel that is too low for your individual needs, then calculate it over again using 1-1.25 gram per pound bodyweight for protein. This will increase calories leftover for fat.

Calculating it again using 1g/lb would allow you roughly 63 grams fat.

1.25g/lb would allow you 43g fat.

Hope this helps.

What about CT’s response here about how to add calories? Shouldn’t this also apply to us fatties trying to cut? It jsut seems odd that the only thing we change is the fat intake.

If you bump it by 30% I recommend adding the extra calories equally over the 3 nutrients. So for example, if you want to bump it up by 300kcals/day that would come up to:

100kcals of protein (25g)
100kcals of carbs (25g)
100kcals of fat (11g)

dontknowaboutme wrote:

Quick question. Okay, for ectomorphs, you say to possibly bump the calorie intake to 30% of your energy expenditure. However, you do not specify where. Obviously I could use my brain on this issue but why do a thing like that haha.

Anyway, adding that extra 30% worth of calories would result in higher daily fat totals for my diet.

Half way through punching up everything on my spreadsheet I thought about bumping maintenance protein/carbs to 300 from 285. What are your thoughts? Obviously it made sense for me to increase protein/carb ratios to match my increased calorie intake. I saw 178g of fat per day in the mass gain section of my diet spreadsheet and started to freak out, hah.

Thanks for the respose. I’m trying to figure out what to eat to only get 25-30 grams of fat a day. Of course chicken, Tuna & protein shakes, but using flax or fish oil can add up. Here is the schedule from that article. He has 4 full protein meals & 3 fats for meal 3,4,5 & 6. Can I really bring it under 25 grams of fat? Here is his schedule:

Meal 1 (upon waking up): Carbs + protein meal drink

Meal 2 (post-workout, around 9:00): Carbs + protein recovery drink (Surge)

Meal 3 (12:30): Carbs + protein meal

Meal 4 (15:30): Protein, fat, and green veggies

Meal 5 (18:00): Protein, fat, and green veggies

Meal 6 (21:00): Protein, fat, and green veggies

Thanks in advance

It can be done, but it would take alot of thought. Do you have any idea of your bodyfat %? If you are in upper teens or over in bodyfat percentage, then I would just do the 1 g/lb bodyweight for protein and get extra fats from nuts, olive oil, fish oil, etc. As you lose more fat, raise the protein and lower your fat intake accordingly.

I’m estimating 19%. I’m gonna have to get a test using calipers.

Well, looks like you calculated the cals ok.

But I’d go with 200 protein & carbs. This would give you 72 grams of fat to play with.

I’m a high protein, high fat eater myself. The carbs are only post workout
with protein.
Let us know how your diet goes…
I think it will take a lot of work
to stay within the parameters you need
for this to work.
Good luck.