Question on cigars

Hey guys. Thanks to your help, I’ve had great success with creating a new nutrition routine, as well as workout / cardio routine. I’ve seen great results, and am looking forward to the road ahead.

I have a question though. I smoke cigars quite frequently. Usually about 4 a week, however this number can be much higher at times. Can doing this cause any negative effects when trying to achieve ultimate leanness? I am not trying to gain, as I am still cutting. Depending on the end result, I may cut. I was wondering if anybody knew of any research that has been done on this topic. If it has been covered here before, I apologize; I did not see it in the archives. As always, any info provided is appreciated. Thanks!

Do you know how fitness people feel about cigarettes? Well, cigars are about 10 x worse. Think about it.

Actually, cigarettes and cigars are like apples and oranges…think about it…

Cigarettes aren’t even tobacco. They are addivites, and most of the tobacco used is homogenized. There are more foreign chemicals in a cigarette than any smoker would ever want to know about. Also, you inhale cigarettes.

Cigars are 100% tobacco. The only other substances used to roll a cigar is pectin, which is a fruit based glue which secures the wrapper leaf. You do not inhale cigars.

besides the cancer causing effects of cigarettes, and the obvious health risks i.e lung damage, and cosmetic affects, what are the other harsh things they can do? Is ther anything in regards to one not properly digesting food due to cigarette smoke or anything?

Even if you aren’t inhaling, smoking a cigar causes all kinds of oxidative dammage to your mouth and throat. One every once in a while might not hurt you, it is still something extra to give your body to recover from. Also, the nicotine one gets from a cigar is much more than a cigarette, even if it is just tobacco in there. There was a Cyborg article, I think, that dealt with nicotine. It was not good stuff. It may not impact your goals that much, but it will not help you in the long run.

You know Arnold smokes shitloads of cigars, right. Of course, so did Churchhill.