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Question on Chins


I have a question on chins...

I have just started to be able to do real chin ups, but I notice that when I do them my body kind of curls, especially near the top. My knees are a bent around 90 degrees and when I'm struggling near the top sometimes they will start to curl in towards my chest since my abs are contracting. Is this wrong? Should I be trying to keep my body straight? Should my legs be bent at all?



Try arching your back and focussing on pulling our elbows down and back as you come up.


At this stage I would just concentrate on getting your chin above the bar. Pull up form will be different for different variations. In your case, for example, if you were to extend your legs so that they were parallel to the floor then you'd be doing a L-pull up. Unless you're doing something really stupid feel free to get creative.

Hope that helps...


Stuff like this just happens when you're trying to squeeze out that last chin-up.

But if you want to make the top easier, then after you've finished your chin-up workout, chin up until your throat or collarbone is against the bar and hold yourself there for as long as you can before lowering down.