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Question on Chest Injury

The Scenario:
Today my goal was to get through my chest/tri/delt workout. My workout consists of 4 exercises for chest, 5 x 5 “autoregulation principles” and for tris and delt 3 exercises 5 x 5 too. Now my last chest session was on friday (two days rest it has been) and like normal i did some stretching for bout 10 - 15min and then I took some SHOTGUN 15min before the workout today.

I got under the bench press bar and did 15 reps to get warmed up, my shoulders felt a little tense (did back on saturday), i then proceeded to warm up with 50kg x 12 reps, 60kg x 12 reps and then was gonna start the first of my 5 sets, starting at 80kg, goal of getting to 100kg x 5 reps.

The issue:
2 reps into the first set on 80kg my left peck felt like i had just worked the balls out of it the day before, really tight and stretching, it burnt a bit but i continued. In the end I had to only do one exercise for chest as the pain got way too much. The whole day it has been tender and my chest literally feels like i pumped some iron like yesterday. I then just trained my delts and tri’s, which was fine.

Have i pulled a muscle in my chest due to incorrect working out or poor resting periods? has anyone had this time of injury before? How long did you need to recouperate and so forth? If anyone could give me some adice or info id appreciate it
Thanks :slight_smile:

Sounds like it was not enough rest.

Sounds like a minor strain. Maybe a spasm - if you contract the muscle and it hurts it is not a spasm.

Rest it, ice it, warm up better, cool down better and also keep covered up… (avatar) :wink:

I am pretty sure that the vast majority of serious lifters here have had a number of strains, sprains and STI’s…

If it hurts to the lightest touch i would advise you see a therapist (sports) or other injury specialist - not a doctor.
If it hurts when you press on it or contract/stretch it is is prolly fairly mild and i would just rest it for a couple of weeks, use some ice and do some light rehab work on it during that time.
If it doesn’t hurt now but only when you go heavy, have a week off and come back lighter.

You go back when it - this is really scientific so brace yourself - when it stops hurting.

Of course if you go back and start doing you heavy work again you are likely to re-injure it, so start easy.

These are very very basic, general, vague guidelines - i have not met you let alone spoken with you about this to any useful extent.

Just take what applies - or not. It could be a number of things, but generally rest is always good.

Best :wink:

Thanks for the reply J-J, im just taking a few days off from benching, will try again on friday and see how i feel :slight_smile: