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Question on Calories

 Okay so i know this is a hard question with a lot of variables. I keep thinking to my self 

there has to be a way to get a ballpark figure. My question is, is there a way to tell how many

calories you are burning from weight lifting. I am trying to lean out so i lift 5 days a week

and go back a couple hours later to do complexes and srints 3 of those days. I want to know if

there is a figure or idea of how many calories are being burn at the gym weight lifting. If any

one has any idea or advice of how to figure this out, that would be great.

There is no formula to figure this out. Everyone is different. You may burn half as many calories as someone else doing the same exercises, or twice as many. Sorry.

Well that blows. I wan to burn fat but thats gay! Okay thanks man.

If you are taking in more calories than your maintenance level while training, you will lose fat. You need to find a meal plan where you are taking in below your maintenance level of calories.