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Question on Bulking


In the past month and a week I have made a new years resolution to get bigger, I finally found a good lifting partner and am through all the soreness. I have since my start gained between 10 and 14 lbs, depending on wether or not I weigh in the morning or at night. I used a scale that had a bf% device on it that is supposed to use electricity waves to tell you your bf%. I am interested to see how my gains have been going. I still fit into my clothes, and cannot really notice a whole lot of change to tell you the truth in muscle or in bodyfat, but the scale says im going up. I have been eating out of my mind and lifting as hard as I possibly can given time constraints and school and what not. The scale says I went from 13% to 16% though. Can someone explain this to me? I suspect that the scale might be full of shit. Is this typical of gains? Should I adjust my diet at all?


Don't rely on those scales for bf readings. I've had one at my gf's house tell me I was 26% when I've sat been 9-14 over the course of the year. On what kind of time scale did you gain 10-14 lbs? Are your strength numbers going up?


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you gained 10lbs in a month? this is probably not good. how are you eating?


Those scales measure how well you conduct electricity which is proportional to how much water is in you. Muscle has more water in it than fat therefore if you have more muscle you will conduct more electricity. So if you are dehydrated the scale will show you as having more fat than you actually are.


I've gained around 12-14 pounds in about 6 weeks, and my pants aren't any tighter. In fact, the amount I can pinch on my belly feels smaller. If the OP is like me, then maybe it's complete newbie gains combined with more food being in the system at any given time?

And I always weigh myself first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I track them both in a spreadsheet so I can do averages, trends, charts etc. It's really motivating to a left-brained, numbers and logic personality. I haven't had much luck with the electrical scales. To me it's easier to just go off the mirror, or find a bodypod or trained caliper user.

Also, if you post your height and weight, experience, and diet (with macros, if you track them) it would make it easier to see what, if anything, needs adjusting.