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Question on book

I Moved to Brasil about six months back and as I am a person very weary on ordering such items through the net, I decided to research other options.

Just so happens my girlfriend here as a family friend who is a doctor. I have talked to him over the phone and everything seems in order, although we did not talk specifically about anything by name.

As I was putting together my “shopping list” I noted in the back of Anabolics 2007 it has a section intitled: Listing by Country, in the drug availablity chart. My question is this; Is that an all-inclusive chart? Sadly the drugs listed for Brasil are pretty slim.

What drugs were you thinking of and what does the list include?

I have not read the book but it strikes me as likely that the list is of drugs known to the author to be made in Brazil, rather than intended to be a comprehensive list of those available in Brazil.