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Question on Boiled Veggies

-we all know eating veggies is important, but does it matter if you eat them raw or boiled? they say boiling kills off the vitamins, i wasnt really too concerned with that, lifts are going up, size is increasing, etc. would something thats as seemingly insignificant to me (boiling veggies as opposed to eating them raw) make a notable difference?

-if vitamins/minerals are of a large importance, would a multi-vitamin be enough to replace anything im losing?

any other relevant information added would be appreciated.

(i get my 4-5 portions of fruit and veg a day, 3 portions of fruit and 1-2 of veg-always boiled)

Depends on the vegetable. I boil items such as broccoli, green beans, cauliflower etc. Don’t boil the life out of them. Broccoli for example is just right when it start to turn that deep vibrant green. Remove it, strain and cold water to stop the cooking process and its good to go with a good portion of its nutrients saved.

Par-boiling and then roasting is also an option be it on the BBQ or a toaster oven.

Certain veggies benefit from cooking. Tomatoes for example have an increases in the concentration of bioavailable lycopene when cooked.

A quality multi-vit will shore up what ever you do loose.

Finally buy local and seasonal when you can.

If fruits & veggies are making up a large portion of your carb intake you should be fine. I am sure others will chime in.

There are different theories, and some nutrients are harder for your body to access unless it’s cooked and bonds are weakened. This doesn’t seem to apply to fruits.

Though many people think steaming is better than boiling (I guess when the water is green afterward people think something good may have left the vegetable). You can get Tupperware steaming pots to use in the microwave that makes steaming fast. that’s what I usually do it keeps them crunchy which helps me eat them - I seriously hate mushy vegetables.

Anyway I just use the rule: if it’s easy to eat raw eat it raw, if not cook it. So leafy greens I eat raw in a salad (plus I think cooked spinach and other greens are disgusting). Broccoli I steam. That way I get plenty of both. Well “plenty” is relative, 2 servings is probably not enough actually, not that I am better. But I find salads are an easy way to get a lot more greens (not iceberg or romaine get spinach and kale etc). Some olive oil and vinegar on it and that’s all I need.

ugh, boiled veggies are so nasty. how do you eat those? to each his own…

boiled veggies are better than no veggies, just like pretty much any reasonable preparation for veggies is better than no veggies. Since different nutrients in the veg become more bioavailable (like in the tomato example) when cooked, I always try to eat veggies in as many ways as possible. Stir fry 'em, steam 'em, boil 'em if you like that, eat 'em raw, grill 'em (yummy-grilled asparagus is soooo good), do what ever.

a multivitamin is never a bad idea (although cheap ones probably aren’t much of a good idea either…), but i think we over complicate things. eat veggies how you like them and how they fit in with your macros. i like to add in some variety since i love veggies and want to experience them in every way possible, as long as it doesn’t involve boiling lol. yes, vegetables are an experience to me.

as for any other relevant info, 1-2 servings of veg isn’t much. try to add another serving or two (or three) if you can handle it. another option is to look into Biotest’s superfood or some other greens/greens+fruit product.

lol I made this post and then realized how much like chrisb71’s it is… So yeah … what he said…
for real tho I prefer steaming. I think it tastes better and loses very little nutrition wise. I have a rice cooker with a thing on the top of it for steaming vegetables. So what i do is do brown rice and then steam the veggies on top for just a little while so they don’t turn into a denatured mush. Even veggies I hate like broccolli taste better that way.

And make yourself some salads too. I undertsand there are substantial benefits to consuming certian veggies raw. Like roughage from salad greens and giving your digestive system something nice and whole to deal with.
I don’t even use salad dressing because most of that either tastes like crap or is made out of it. So I just load that bad boy down with yummy extras like olives, beans, nuts, mandarin slices, diced chicken breast, tuna, etc.

cheers for the reply guys, always a good help :slight_smile:

and yes, i love, love, LOVE boiled veggies. boiled until theyre mushy and falling apart. such a shame :frowning: