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Question on Blends


6'4" 210 12%bf lifting for 5 years 29 year old. Done 4 cycles of 500 mg of test e last one added winstrol last 7 weeks. Didn't really care for it. Next cycle is 2cc a week of sust 325 and dvol at 30 mgs for 5 weeks with adex and nova for pct.

What up everybody. Been a member here since 07. Made a new account a while back.

Anyone have any experience with the blends I'm starting to see more and more of? I know quality depends on the lab but I was just curious if anyone has tried these. Usually I see a multiple test esters with tren or eq thrown into the mix.



Having the freedom to tinker with and/or remove compounds individually in a cycle is much more preferred for me personally. This way you can adjust dosages based on how YOU respond to compound. With that being said, prop/tren/mast seems to be a pretty popular.


You do realize you need to eat food to make steroids work right?

6 4 210 @ 12% is ridiculous. Those stats after 4 cycles is downright scary.


2nd that. if youre on a cycle eat high protein , at your weight 400+ grams while on cycle. You have to support that muscle after you get off as well. Go over your nutriton and make sure you're eating right. Unless you;re eating enough and getting bunk gear.


send me a pm I can send you some very detailed info about blends.

my opinion is not mess with them though,I would rather mix compounds as I use them so I can adjust dose.

there are some exceptions and that is if i have used a certain blend before with success


You definitely shouldnt be at 210 and 12% when youre four cycles deep. BUT stating that without any real advice is just as dumb as your stats.

If you want to take full advantage of the compounds you are using you need to have your diet critiqued. Post it here and people will chime in and help.

Dont mind bonez, he has put up with a lot of idiocy on this board. I am actually surprised to see his name still posting away. Lots of people have left this board long ago due to the majority becoming newbies repeatedly asking the same stupid questions.



Telling a stick to eat is not real advice?


well maybe i should give you guys a little back ground before you totally rip me a new one. I was a stick at 6'4" 165 lbs after a bad motorcycle accident. I have a hip and knee replacement and was learning to walk again after almost 2 years in a wheel chair. I also have crohns disease which is what led me to AAS is the first place as it helped with protein synthesis.

Its very hard to keep food down with crohns or to assimulate all the nutrients you eat. Im lucky to get 3k calories through food and not sh!t or throw it all up. I try to drink a gallon of whole mil a day for an extra 2400 calories. Being that its liquid, it actually doesnt mess wth my lower GI tract too much.

Im finally to the point to where I can squat over 300 without pain. Deadlifts are still a bit painful at 300+ but with a hip replacement and herniated discs i feel im doing pretty well.

Bonez I alway appreciate your straight forward ,no holds barred advice but i really didnt ask anyone to critque my results with aas use. A simple question about blends out of curiousity and if anyone has had any personal experience with them.

BUt thanks for lighting me up anyway lol


Obviously a medical condition and serious accident put yo in a diferent position than someone without such setbacks.

I think you can understand why somoene would hesistate to give advice to someone with your stats if there were no underlying problems.

Good luck getting strong again.


no worries mate. Thanks for the advice though. My goal is to get to about 250 and single digit bf. Might through in some eq to help with the appetite.