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Question on Bizarre Weight Loss


Greetings T-Nation,

Long time lurker. First time poster.

I completed the Velocity Diet followed by 2 weeks of tapering off the diet completed by August 4, 2007. It wasn't the first time I'd done the diet. And again made very good progress on it coupled with CW's 10x3 for Fat Loss.

On August 4, I went on vacation. For 3 weeks, I did no exercise. My sleeping pattern was all over the place. I ate horribly. Lots of eating out with appetizers, main course, and deserts. I even ate cookies and sweets at ungodly hours. No exercise. Low physical exertion.

Returning home, I expected the worst. To my surprise I've dropped an additional 4lbs and 1" from my waist. Strength is down but not drastically so and all other measurements are negligible compared to pre-vacation.

Before the Velocity Diet, I'd been doing a low carbohydrate, high protein, medium fat diet. I would have thought that due to my low carbohydrate diet, that 3 weeks of pretty much SUPER CARB diet + no exercise = me looking like the Pillsbury Doughboy.

Instead I'm now at the lowest weight I've been since high school (81kg) with the smallest waistline I've had since...well who knows (31").

I'd just like to know the science of what happened.

Thanks T-Nation.


Welcome, long-time lurker. Looks like you missed this interview.



BF Bullpup,

Ahh. I did read that article. Didn't really put 1+1 together though. I would have thought the duration of my "cheat" coupled with lack of exercise would have taken me out of any kind of benefit.

But given the extreme nature of the Velocity Diet and my body's previous adaptation to a low carb diet, I was able to stay on the "right" side of the fat equation?


It's the same concept as refeeding carbs periodically while on the Anabolic Diet. Sounds like your body needed a break from all that dieting and rewarded you.

While the other contributors here are better suited to explain the science, I from observation and personal experience find that people overrate the damage done to their training and body composition from a week's layoff or eating whatever they want. I think John Berardi has the 10% rule: as long as you're eating well 90% of the time, you'll be fine not eating as well 10% of the time. Too bad not enough people understand that. I hear or too many people just giving up on their diet because they accidentally had a slice of pepperoni while on the South Beach Diet.

I think Chris Shugart said it best, to paraphrase him, that overweight people have been doing it to themselves (eating poorly and not exercising) for YEARS. They could have done your 3 weeks standing on their heads. :slight_smile:


BF Bullpup,


Thanks. I suppose if I'd followed the "keep it simple stupid" approach to the "why", I could have come to the came conclusion.


I had the EXACT same thing happen to me!