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Question on Big Guns

 I'm getting ready to do King's Big Guns program, since my arms are a little far behind. He suggests that the volume on your maintenence days should not exceed the volume on your arm days. Well, im wondering whether or not the warm up sets should be counted as a set, so i'd appreciate some enlightenment in that area. More importantly, ive never actually done warm up sets (that i know of) so far... is the weight you use for them supposed to be less than the weight used for a regular set? Sorry... ive been in weightlifting for a couple of years, but some reason ive never done warmups.


I would certainly do warmup sets when preparing for the big guns routine, or for any routine for that matter.

Not only are warmup sets essential in "warming up" the muscle, joints, and surrounding tissues (hence the name warm up), but it will aid in psychological boosts in preparing for handling heavier weight.

If you just went into your heavy sets without warmup up, you're just setting yourself up for failure, not to mention injury.



The warmup set should not be counted as a set for the Great Guns program.

BTW, this is an excellent program. I did it last winter and was very impressed. Not only did it hit more planes than I knew existed in the arms, but it also taught me a lot about program design. Many people have complained that the gains made did not last. I would suggest following the program with a full mass program such as the ABBH program.

Good luck.