Question on Back Injury

About 2 weeks ago I was doing sumo deadlifts and injured my back. It was a weight I had done before so I knew I could do it with good form. I guess I wasn’t focused enough and I somehow went up with one side faster than the other (one leg became straight before the other). As a result, the lower right side of my back got injured. It has gotten much better in the past couple weeks, early on I couldn’t bend over or pick up much but I could walk without any issues. Now, I can bend over more (not 100%) but I still feel it in the lower right side of my back if I twist to the right. I also tested out doing front squats yesterday (1 to 2 reps just to test if I was healed) and ramped up to doing a couple reps with my 8 rpm and quit after that. The problem there was that as I went heavier I felt it more and more in that lower right area and I started to get worried. I have taken the past couple weeks off (except for one upper body session) because I thought it might speed up the healing process but I’m really itching to get back to squatting/deadlifting.

Anyone have experience with this kind of injury?