Question on Armidex for a Possible Over-Responder

Hello Forum.
I’ve been on a TRT protocol for about 8 months.
My doctor is pretty progressive and seems very knowledgeable about TRT.
I take 240mg of Test once per week, on Fridays.
I initially started taking .25 mg 2X per week when I started the TRT protocol, but noticed that my E2 was coming in at 12 pg/mL using the senstive test. I was not getting much or any morning wood. So, I stopped using Armidex altogether. Wood has not really returned. All of the other benefits of TRT seem to be working well (losing bodyfat, mood better, gaining muscle).

A few weeks ago, on Friday morning (just before my Test injection, which means these would be trough levels), I had bloodwork drawn, the results were: Total T 739, Free T 21.6, E2 (sensitive) 24.9.

So, here’s the question:
Since I inject on Fridays, and this blood work was drawn JUST BEFORE my T injection, is it possible that my E2 is much higher in the days that follow the injection?

I’m wondering if I should try taking .25mg Armidex once per week again??
I’m thinking that if my E2 is 24.9 seven (7) days after my injection, that it may be TOO high the earlier part of the week.

I don’t have any bad symptoms other than I’m not getting morning wood like I know I should be.

Last question: If I resume taking .25mg armidex to start with (once per week), would it be best to take it the same time as my injection, or should i wait a day or two for the E2 to elevate after the Test injection?

All comments would be appreciated. I’ve read all the stickies many times. Thanks KSMAN and all contributors for your constant help and input to this forum.


Everyone responds different to TRT, erections can take the longest to be fully resolved. I’ve been on TRT for 9 months and erections while improving are still not 100%, venous leakage repair can take up to a year to reach full hardness. I know some guys where it took slightly longer, without knowing where your SHBG levels is makes guessing difficult.

Once weekly injections usually reserved for guys who’s SHBG is skyhigh, injecting once weekly creates peaks and valleys and provides inconsistent blood T levels which usually results in some symptoms not being fully resolved.

You’re also taking your AI once weekly, this is wrong as your AI has a short half life and E2 levels aren’t going to be consistent from the beginning of the week to the end, your E2 levels are possibly below range in the beginning of the week and this might be why your have no erections.

Split AI up and take it twice weekly and if SHBG is midrange do the same and inject T twice weekly and take AI at same time. You could also increase dosage a little.

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I started out on weekly injections and felt anxious the last few days of the week, then started twice weekly and libido was still hit and miss, it wasn’t until I started injecting EOD that erections and libido kicked into high gear. My SHBG is 18-20, so I might try SC injections at a later date as I just want to make a full recovery without anymore sliding backwards.

I use 27 gauge insulin syringes and inject shallow IM in the shoulders. Together with your SHBG result, splitting up your shots twice weekly is what most would recommend here. Your labs will also show more consistent blood T and E2 levels. You’re a hyper T metabolizer which is why you go through your T so fast, 240mg of T is higher than what most can handle, I couldn’t handle more than 100mg weekly.